What is your vocation?


As human beings, we are all called to have a relationship with the God who loves us. We’re all called to bear witness to that relationship, to live our lives in a way that is recognisably ‘of God’, a way grounded in God’s love.

But beyond that, we are all called as individuals. Each of us has gifts – talents, interests – that are God-given and specific to us. Each of us has a calling which is focused on those gifts.

Maybe we are out-going, find it easy to talk to others, to make people we don’t know feel welcome. Maybe we are natural listeners, able to empathise and support people who are in some kind of pain.

Maybe we are adept with finance or admin. Maybe we are musically gifted. Maybe we are good with our hands – in the kitchen, the garden or the workshop. Maybe we have leadership qualities. Maybe … well, the list is endless!

We all have gifts. Whatever they are we are called by our God to put them to good use. Whether for the good of the church (and believe me when I say … we need your offering of gifts!) or the world beyond the church doors. God calls you to use them.

So what are your gifts? What is your vocation?