What is Christmas really about?


For me, it’s not about a baby being born in a stable in the middle of the cows and oxen and the sheep. It’s not about angels and virgins and donkeys and shepherds and wise men and wicked kings.

To say the nativity story is what matters is like saying what is best about presents is the wrapping paper and packaging. What we really want is what’s inside that paper, inside that box. So too, what we really want is what is inside the nativity story.
Don’t get me wrong – the nativity story is great. But it’s only the paper and packaging, not the gift itself. The gift, what Christmas is really about, is … God finding a way to connect with us.

‘The Word became flesh’ to speak to us in a language we can understand. Because God knows that the most effective way to speak to we human beings is through the life of another human being.

So what is Christmas really about? It’s about God not simply being out ‘there’ somewhere, far off in space. But instead … being committed to living alongside us, present with us here and now.

Now that’s a really good gift! Have a Very Happy Christmas!



(Revd John Routh, Rector)