Weddings: the rest!

Why have a church wedding?

When you get married you make promises to each other, and enter into a legal contract.  You also make it clear to everyone in society that you are more than just temporary partners - you intend to be a life-long couple.


It's a big step and people want to mark it in a memorable way.  Most want the support of their friends & family on their 'big day'.  And many want the support of God, made clear to everyone by holding their wedding service in church.


And as a bonus a church wedding is the traditional way!  Even without the religious element, there's something about a church wedding that a hotel or registry office can't match.


Of course, a church service isn't for everyone, and that's fine.  But for those who do want one, we love holding them at Holy Trinity.

How much does it cost?

Wedding fees are revised every year.  Some are decided nationally; others are set by us locally.  The 2017 fees are set out below.

  Nationally set fee


  Holy Trinity running costs £80.00
  Altar/chapel flowers £90.00
  Duty warden/verger £65.00
            Organist £82.50
  Basic fee £773.50
  Permission to video          £82.50
  Choir £80.00
  Bell ringers £180.00

The basic fee covers a contribution towards the cost of running the building (the heating; the altar flowers; the warden who sets up before the service, etc) as well as the nationally set charges for the service.  The other items are all optional. 


It's worth remembering that of all these fees Holy Trinity only keeps £343.  The rest are all passed on to other people.


We will publish the 2018 fees in late 2017.  We suggest that until then you should allow for an increase of around 5% pa.

When can I have my wedding?

Most weddings are on Saturdays, but increasingly they happen on Fridays or even earlier in the week.  You'll understand we try to avoid Sundays as we already have a number of services that day! 


People often book weddings quite a long time in advance, so if you leave it too late your preferred date may no longer be available.  It can be tricky finding a date when both the church & your reception venue are free, but we usually manage.

Blessings & Renewal of Vows

Some couples get married in civil ceremonies, but still want to have their marriage blessed in church.  Other couples may have been married for quite a few years, & want to renew their marriage vows.


We're happy to do these kinds of service.  There will be a fee, but 'how much' depends on the scale of service you want.  Get in touch with us, by phone or using the form below, & we'll talk through what you'd like to do.

Making an enquiry

If you're interested in having your wedding at Holy Trinity, please get in touch with us.  We'll check that you qualify, & whether the date you want is available.  And if you want to make a booking, we'll arrange an appointment with you, to fill in the forms & explain what you need to do  next!


You can phone us or fill in the form below.  Either way, we look forward to hearing from you.

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