Weddings & Baptisms

Getting married and having children are major events in people's lives, so it's not surprising they want to celebrate.  Often they want to recognise God's part in those occasions, so they get married or baptise their children in church.  At Holy Trinity we love holding such occasions.

Weddings & Blessings

We hold wedding services for about 15-20 couples every year.  We accept as many weddings as we can - it's not always possible as there are laws surrounding where couples can & can't marry, but we can usually help couples find a way to qualify for a Holy Trinity wedding. 


 Occasionally couples have already married in a civil ceremony, but want to have their marriage blessed in church.  And other couples want to celebrate special wedding anniversaries.  We are happy to hold these services too. 


The page on weddings; the law tells you all you need to know about qualifying to marry at Holy Trinity.  Weddings: the rest! sets out the current fees & has an electronic form which you can use to make an enquiry.

Baptisms & Thanksgivings

We do baptisms (or christenings) for about 20-25 people each year - usually, but not always, young children.  Again, there are rules which say which baptism applications we can accept - but it's very unusual for us to say 'no'!


Once in a while we're asked to hold what's called a service of 'Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child'.  It's a way of marking a child's birth without having them baptised.  We prefer doing baptisms, but will do thanksgivings if that's what the parents really want after they've spoken with us.


The page on baptisms sets out what you need to know about having your child (or yourself!) baptised.  There are no fees, but donations to church funds are always welcome!