Re-ordering: views of the process

Stone Edge were the main contractors for the re-ordering work. They moved onto the site and took over the church building in January 2016.

The pews were removed and sold to members of the congregation and others in the parish community. The small choir organ was removed and given to another church.  The pillars and delicate areas like memorials were protected to prevent accidental damage.

Under the pews was a void, below which was bare earth.  The area beneath the aisles  had to be brought down to the same level. The memorials that were embedded in the floor of the aisles were left in place and covered to protect them. They are still in place now, after the underfloor heating and new floor have been installed.

The old toilet block and the corridor that was installed in the 1950's was removed. The new entrance goes through what was the lower half of the exposed window, between the tower and the Bidlake extension (the old choir vestry) on the left.

The west gallery was removed for the new entrance to come through the window (above) and the floor and soil of the old toilets removed so the new entrance is on the same level as the piazza.

Starting the new entrance. Foundations in place, lower window removed.

Starting to build the chancel out into the nave - the dias, and the sub floor is down.

Limecrete base down.

Underfloor heating pipes down. 

Limecrete down on top of heating pipes and flagstones on top of that.

Toilets being constructed in the old choir vestry.

The stonework for the new entrance has been started.

The oak framing for the new entrance is in place and steps constructed up to the tower. Need the glass next!

Nearly there, the chancel built out, new flagstones down on the floor everywhere, but a lot of cleaning up needed!

The compound has gone and the new entrance is now in use. New oak west door to the tower.


You can see pictures of the church as it is now on our page 'Re-ordering: Phase 1 completed'