The Church Building

We live in an age when people are often anxious to preserve old buildings.  This can show itself in a desire to keep such buildings just as they are as if they had always been like that.  This is often so with churches which are usually among the oldest buildings in their community.


But parish churches like Holy Trinity are in fact buildings which have always been changing.  They tell a story: the story of their community down the centuries. 


Above all the parish church is a visible expression of a community of faith. This is the place in which people down the centuries have offered their worship and prayer to God.


Over the years the stones of Holy Trinity have witnessed many different patterns and styles of worship, and no doubt there will be more yet to come.  Here people have marked the key points in their life through baptisms, weddings and funerals.  Here children and young people have been nurtured in the faith, and others have come back to a faith which has grown dim.


Without the worship and prayer which takes place within it, Holy Trinity is simply an interesting historic building; but to those of us who gather here week by week it is so much more.


On these pages you can find out about the history of the building. You can see the plan for our recent re-ordering project, the progress we made in 2016 and how it looks in 2017 with Phase 1 completed.