The response to our regular annual Stewardship Appeal in November last was impressive, in fact the best I’ve witnessed in the time I’ve been looking after Planned Giving for Holy Trinity. About three quarters of existing donors submitted a pledge form. In the past this figure has only been around 50% so that’s a great improvement. More than this, a further 10 members of our congregation have chosen to join one of our Planned Giving schemes. Altogether a very good response –  thank you all!

However, although we should see a very useful increase in giving, we still won’t achieve the level projected in our 2019 Budget to ensure we cover our costs. The financial situation remains challenging, so there’s no room for complacency. I don’t intend that to be as negative as it might sound because I do consider the financial support given by our congregation to be most encouraging.

As you know, there’s more to Stewardship than financial giving, and here again there was a useful response to our appeal for more volunteers. As you’ll have seen from Mike’s notices in recent Weekly Sheets, not all the jobs have been covered but our thanks go out to all who volunteer their time and their talents in support of our church.

Thank you all!