If you're looking for concerts and events put on by the Friends of Holy Trinity see our pages for upcoming Friends events or our accounts of past Friends events.


Bojangles at the Flower Festival
Bojangles at the Flower Festival

We have a variety of events throughout the year for all ages. Some are purely social, some are specifically to raise funds for charity. 


We nominate a charity for the year and generally any funds raised, unless specifically for something else, will go to that cause. This year, 2017, is split between Acacia Family Support - which offers pre- and post-natal depression support services to families across Birmingham - and Emma Sykes project in Malawi.


Follow the links or to see photos from recent events, those held in the last two years, or from longer ago.

Future Events

The Social Committee will be concentrating on supporting the programme of events the Friends of Holy Trinity are putting on.


There will be other social events too from time to time - so watch this space!