Weekday Services

There are two services that happen regularly mid-week.

Wednesday 9.30am Open House

Every Wednesday morning in term-time, starting at 9.30am, Open House meets in the Trinity Centre.  It's a group for babies & toddlers & their carers.  Some time in the morning, there is a 5 or 10 minute service - a couple of prayers, a story & a song.  Find out more about the group on the Toddler Group page.

Thursday 10.30am Communion

This service is a calm time, held in the chancel.  There is no music - it's entirely spoken, & usually lasts about 40 minutes.  Usually we have around 15-20 adults in the congregation.


This is always a 'traditional language' communion service - like the old Book of Common Prayer communion service.  Afterwards, many of the congregation have coffee together in the Trinity Centre foyer.