Sunday Services

We have three services most Sundays of the year.  You are very welcome to come to any of them, but perhaps would like to know a little about what's on the menu.  Below we try to give a flavour of what they are like.


If you have any questions not answered here please ask us ... or better still, come along to see for yourself.


8.00 am Holy Communion

This early morning service is a calm time, held in the chancel.  There is no music - it's entirely spoken.  Usually we have around 10 adults in the congregation.


This is always a communion service, but it does vary in one way.  On the 1st & 3rd (& 5th if there is one) Sundays of the month the service is in 'traditional' language - like the old Book of Common Prayer communion service.  On the 2nd & 4th Sundays it's in 'contemporary' language.

10.00am Parish Worship

Sunday at 10.00am is the main service of the week - & the busiest.  The choir & organist are present, so obviously there is music: hymns & so on.  We have a mix of types of hymn, both old & new - no hymn selection pleases everyone all the time, but we try! 


As this is the service which young families attend, this is the one where our children's activities happen.  We have a creche each week, & children's groups.  You can find out more on our children & young people pages.


After the service most of the congregation stay for a while in church for coffee, biscuits & a chat: a chance to catch up, & of course get to know new members of the congregation.


If you're new to church and you want to find out more about what goes on at this service see our page 'First time in church?'.

Communion Service

Usually the 10.00am service is communion, & it's always in contemporary language - there are no 'thees & thous' (except in the hymns!).  The service lasts about 75 minutes.  On average we have about 100 adults & 10-15 children.  Everyone is more than welcome to attend.


We are happy to give communion to anyone who is confirmed or who takes communion elsewhere.  If you don't want to take communion, that's not a problem - you're free to stay in your seat at that point in the service, or to come to the communion rail with to receive a blessing. And if you can't get up to the altar rail, we can bring communion to you.

Baptism & All-age Services

Sometimes this service isn't a communion ...


Every month, this slot holds either a baptism or an all-age/parade service.  Usually it's on the 2nd Sunday of the month, & the two types of service alternate.  


When it's a baptism, we can easily have 150 adults & 40 children (not all being baptised!) present.  The service lasts a little under an hour.


When it's an all-age service, we often have a band or mini-orchestra present.  And 4 times a year we have the uniformed groups with us too (we call it a 'parade' service then because the groups parade with their flags).  Because it's intended for all age groups, the children stay with us, but we still have a creche corner.  It's difficult pitching a service to people from a wide age range but we try - so the sermons are more like interactive talks.  Again these services last a little under an hour.

5.30pm Holy Communion (second Sundays only)

We do not generally hold an evening service except on the second Sunday of the month when we hold a Holy Communion service, with healing prayer. 


Sometimes we do something different.  Once a quarter we have a 4.00pm service aimed at families, & hold that in the Trinity Centre where we can feel a little more relaxed (more can be found on the Special Services page).  Occasionally we join with other churches from our Anglican cluster or our ecumenical Churches Together group - & we take our turn in hosting & visiting the others.  Times like these are advertised in advance.