Running the Church


The clergy may be the visible face of Holy Trinity, but in fact the church is run by its PCC (Parochial Church Council). 


PCC is made up of the Rector, the two church wardens, & about 20 church members.  Apart from the rector all the members are elected at our annual meeting, held each April.  


PCC meets 4 times a year, and delegates much of the day-to-day running of the church to a number of committees & working groups.  These committees include both PCC members & people from the wider congregation.



The committees are ...

Children & Young People

Church & Grounds


Pastoral & Prayer


Trinity Centre Management


We're always keen to involve congregation members, so if you're interested & willing to help with a committee have a word with John, our Rector, or one of the wardens, Ros Dyke and John Wright.


Quite a few people are involved in the church committees, but of course we need volunteers for all sorts of things - it doesn't have to involve being on a committee & going to meetings! 


Congregation members do all sorts of jobs around the church & Trinity Centre without which we simply couldn't be what we are.  We depend on them offering their time & skills.


If you feel you have some time or skill to offer, please ask one of the wardens how you might help.


We rely on the generosity of worshippers - regular members and visitors - to pay for all the costs associated with maintaining the church buildings, employing staff, and fulfilling our mission to the people of Sutton Coldfield.


People often feel uncomfortable when asking for money, but we are not ashamed of what we do at Holy Trinity to further God's work. We hope you too will value it, and be prepared to support us financially.


Here we explain how you can help.