We’ve been marking Remembrance Day, one way or another, for just over 100 years. We’ve been remembering the death of millions on the battlefield, and the cost to those who survived them, for just over 100 years. We’ve been making a commitment to live in a more just and peaceful world for just over 100 years.

And yet …

Our own nation may not have gone to war in a while, but many others have. One of the biggest and longest-running news stories over the last few years has been the fighting going on in Iraq and Syria. Millions have died, or been displaced from their homes. When is the human race going to turn its words into action? When will we learn to live together in a just and peaceful way?

On 10th November we will join together at Holy Trinity, and later at the cenotaph, to remember those who have made sacrifices in war and commit ourselves to building a better world. And we will pray that God will help all humankind to turn our words and thoughts into a reality. Please join us on Remembrance Sunday.