Reassurance in the midst of this crisis?


In November last year – how long ago does that feel? – we set the challenge of both increasing regular giving for the church and also encouraging more offering of people’s time and talents to help the church and TC.  

Well the good news was that we had a very positive response from the congregation, so that at the start of the year we were able to predict a break even position on the church budget for 2020.  That was extremely good news.  Then the Coronavirus crisis happened, and the country went into ‘lockdown’ and social distancing, curtailing much of the church’s ‘normal’ activity.  This will inevitably have an effect on our budget, but the PCC is doing all that it can to try to ensure that we are still in a good place financially when normal life resumes.  

Lockdown or not, we know that we are very dependent upon the continuing generosity of our regular givers.  Much of our giving is done by standing order, and we hope that congregation members will continue with this during the crisis.  Those who give by gift envelopes or other means are encouraged to continue too, and to bring their envelopes and gifts into the church when we reopen again.  All giving will be so important to help us, especially as other income sources (wedding fees, Trinity Centre hires) have stopped at present. 

Turning to things other than finance, we had a special push for volunteers during Lent.  Although this was interrupted by the current crisis, it was encouraging to see that we did get a number of extra promises of future help.  Hopefully these will be still active when needed later. 

So our year continues, albeit somewhat differently from what we’d initially envisaged.  Our greater challenge at present is the Stewardship that we can give to managing all our resources in support of our church family in the foreseeable future.

Mike (on behalf of Stewardship team)