Progress made, but not there yet!


First the not so good news … our church income and expenditure account for 2019 is on budget, but not for the break-even that our stewardship campaign was seeking. That’s disappointing.

Our giving has increased – by around 5% – which is great. But it’s not up to the 10% that we need to break even. At present it looks like we will have a £6k deficit as per the original budget. So there’s still more to be done!

But on a more positive note … the Trinity Centre operating fund looks like it might break even this year, as extra bookings have seen an increase in income for the first half of 2019. Well done Colin, Carole and all the committee for all their hard work.

We still have 6 months left in 2019 to get the giving income for the church up further. Please do what you can to help!

Mike (on behalf of the Stewardship team)