Personal thoughts on the lockdown


In the United States of America the 4th of July is celebrated as their Independence Day. This year, in this country, the 4th of July is also a day of celebration, the day we are released from some of the shackles of lockdown.

It also seems the moment to think about what the lockdown has meant for us, here are some of my thoughts. At first in lockdown life became very much more relaxing, gone were the pressures of a busy life. Instead there was time to relax through walking, gardening and reading. However, as the weeks turned into months, certain frustrations grew; amongst them a lack of physical contact with family and friends. The lessons I draw from my experiences of lockdown may be expressed in two words, the prime importance of people and community

People matter and their value cannot not be defined by money alone. It is the poorly paid who have defended us and cared for us in Hospitals, Care Homes and other vital services. They are usually described as unskilled but how can that be? In their work they have personified the values of compassion and kindness for others; the values that Jesus the Servant King urges us to follow.

I have come to really appreciate the value of community, the shared life that we have; the lockdown has emphasised that we do depend on each other. There are endless stories of people helping others, countless acts of kindness that have brought people together. During the lockdown I was greatly encouraged and supported by knowing that I am part of a loving Church Community. I hope and pray that our awareness of the value of each person and the importance of community will be part of our new reality.


Associate priest