Prayer is any time spent with God.  We can pray alone or with others, in any place, at any time, whether we're sitting quietly or doing something else. Of course church services give us a particular opportunity to find some space in our week to pray.  But the prayer life of Holy Trinity goes beyond our regular service times.


If you would like our pastoral team to pray for you please put a prayer in the prayer box at the back of church or email your request to


At Holy Trinity we offer prayer for healing during the 10am service on the 4th Sunday of the month or at the 6.30pm service on the 2nd Sunday of the month. During these services anyone is able to come for prayer. If you would like someone to pray with you during these services then please go into the Vesey Chapel during communion. Anyone would be pleased to direct you.

Prayers through the week

If you can, please include Holy Trinity Church in your prayers.  Congregation members often try to follow this weekly calendar:



Our Priests - John, Carol and Paul

Our Reader - Pauline



Our work with children & young people - Open House, Sparklers, Rockets, Youth Groups & the uniformed organisations.



Our ministry to Baptism families, wedding couples, the elderly, the sick and the bereaved



Our Churchwardens - Colin and Mike

The PCC and its committees

The Church Renewal Project

The Trinity Centre - Carole and the volunteers



Other groups and activities including Church Fellowship, the choir, flower arrangers, church cleaners, bell ringers, prayer & meditation groups, the healing prayer group



Our worship week by week, especially those who share in the planning and leading.