Pastoral care during a global pandemic


Life has changed significantly, for everyone, in the last few months and the level of need (of all kinds) has been significant. The various responses from within Sutton Coldfield, and in many communities across the nation, have been phenomenal. Here at Holy Trinity, we have been working hard to reach out, with what resources we have available, to play our part.

Whilst many of our members have, themselves, been shielding and self-isolating, we have managed to instigate a pastoral contact network. This has meant that anyone who wanted to participate would be given someone whom they would commit to staying in contact with and another person who would commit to stay in touch with them. The aim of this network has been to create and maintain a sense of connectedness, particularly for those most vulnerable and isolated, and also to have a system for communicating need and organising a response.

As well as this practical response, we have gathered a committed team of people who take time regularly to pray for those who ask for it. We have found that, in such a time as this, knowing that they are being prayed for regularly has been a source of comfort for those experiencing illness or other challenges.

As restrictions are lifted, and we are now beginning to be able to meet for public worship, the challenges and opportunities are shifting yet again. We are constantly looking for ways to play our part in supporting those in need and we welcome contact from anyone who would like pastoral support or knows of someone else in need. Contact can be made using the details on our website or directly to our Curate (Leanne) on

Leanne (Curate) and Tanya (Pastoral Care Co-ordinator)