Pastoral Care at Holy Trinity


Pastoral care as defined by Alastair V Campbell, the author of several books on the subject, “Is in essence, surprisingly simple. It has one fundamental aim: to help people to know love, both as something to be received, and as something to give.” Christians will also argue that pastoral care for others is motivated by the example of Jesus Christ who in his earthly ministry demonstrated compassion for all.

Through the guidance of a Pastoral Committee we have at Holy Trinity established a team of volunteer Pastoral Visitors who visit the lonely and the housebound. Initially set up to care for those who were once members of our congregation; we now also visit others through our funeral and parish contacts. We believe that all whom we visit feel that they are an important part of a caring community.

Over the last two years five of our visitors have undertaken a diocesan training course called Offering Pastoral Care and Community Skills: its aim is to develop the pastoral gifts of the lay people in every parish. Significantly the two compulsory modules at the beginning of the course are concerned with listening. “Learning to listen” and “Listening to communities”. As we read the gospels, Jesus is revealed as someone who always listens.

In December 2018 those who undertook the diocesan training were formally commissioned at a Sunday service as accredited Diocesan Pastoral Visitors by a representative of our bishop. The Pastoral Committee believes that this gives us the impetus to further develop our pastoral care at Holy Trinity. Areas that could be explored for example are our links with baptismal families, the bereaved or those who get married in our church. Please keep those who are responsible for pastoral care in your thoughts and prayers as they consider the next step.

Paul Duckers