History of the Trinity Centre

A new facility

For many years prior to the building of the Trinity Centre in the 1990s, the congregation wished to have a new church hall that would be accessible and big enough for social functions as well as accommodating the needs of various community groups in the Town.

Until this point the old Church House on the other side of Coleshill Street was in use as a hall, but the kitchen was inadequate with a ridiculously low serving hatch, and the site of the hall behind the church site made it dangerous to use for Sunday groups as children would need to be safely escorted to and from the service each week.

“The new hall” was part of plans from the 1980s to be a first phase of a programme which would also see the church re-ordered.

It was clear that a building on the church site would work best but there were numerous problems with the lie of the land and the hill-side site, the graveyard, the Sons of Rest building and the potential for a car park, a much-needed requirement both for worship and any hall needs.

The road to planning permission was long and very fraught, especially for PCC members and clergy of the time.  No church congregation wishes to impose unwanted changes on its local community, and a lot of time was taken by the PCC and Rector to speak with local people and clarify their concerns in order to mitigate any anxieties and provide a resource which would be both aesthetically pleasing and used by local people.

The scheme that emerged and resulted in the Trinity Centre ensured everything was achieved to the highest standards, with a professional fund-raising campaign to raise the necessary funds.

The two-storey building with basement for storage serves church, community and commercial concerns as it has now for two decades.

The church community is pleased that the two buildings of Church and Centre are now near to one another and that they enhance the facilities we can offer to the wider community.

The pictures which follow show some of the moments on the way to construction, from the laying of the foundation stone in 1995 to the completion of the building in 1996.

Other parts of the site give information about the facilities and how to book  the Centre for community, corporate or private use.



Trinity centre during construction
Trinity Centre - laying the foundation stone
Trinity Centre - laying the foundation stone
Trinity Centre foundation stone
The Trinity Centre, 1995
The Trinity Centre
The Trinity Centre, 2017