St Chad’s Church

The church on Hollyfield Road was initially a ‘daughter’ church of Holy Trinity, and as such the ‘parent’ parish oversaw its ministry to the people of the newly-developing area in that part of Sutton Coldfield and the provision of first a ‘tin tabernacle’ simple structure for use as a church.

In 1927 the more beautiful permanent building  was constructed, designed by Charles Bateman, the Birmingham architect who oversaw major work at Holy Trinity in 1914 and 1929 including the famous painted ceilings.

St Chad’s became a parish in its own right in 1959.

The Holy Trinity magazines of the early twentieth century always included a section specifically about St Chad’s, and extracts from the magazines of 1927 document the months until the dedication of the church at the end of that year (see below)

Full information about the church’s history can be found on the St.Chad’s website.

Interior of St Chad's
Extract from church magazine 1927
Extract from church magazine 1927