Memorials in church

Feature from the Pudsey memorial
Barbara Elyot's brass, chancel wall

Who is remembered in Holy Trinity?

Our two images give but a tiny glimpse into the lives of a large number of individuals who were buried in our church over its 700-year history.

On the left is Henry Pudsey, whose large family memorial is in the Vesey Chapel.  On the right, we see the 17th century memorial by Rector Roger Elyot for his wife, Barbara on the North East chancel wall, commemorating her burial in the chancel beneath.

Through the memorials above ground, we know a little of the people who were buried in vaults in different places across the church floor area.

A major piece of research is being carried out by members of Sutton Coldfield Local History Research Group as part of our heritage project to document all the memorials fully, and so we are waiting to upload the information we do have until this is completed.

If you know of a family name where you believe there is a memorial in our church and wish to have more information, do please email in the first instance and we may well be able to supply some information for you.

Other memorials that will be listed here are plaques commemorating members of the church after their deaths, usually in relation to a gift in their memory.

Further information about other memorials can be found on our churchyard page and the page dedicated to the church’s stained glass.