Our faith

Holy Trinity is part of the Church of England, the parish church for about 13,000 people.  The Church of England covers a wide variety of 'flavours' from Anglo-Catholic to Evangelical - we're somewhere in the middle. 


We recognise that different members of our congregation don't all believe exactly the same thing, but we are united around the core belief to which our name, Holy Trinity, refers.  We believe in one God seen in three different ways.  A God:

  • who lovingly creates us & all we see around us;
  • who forgives our shortcomings & gives us second chances time & time again;
  • who is present in creation, & sustains us in our lives. 


In all that we do we try to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ, especially his command that we should love God, & love each & every human life. 


Because we are committed to the being the church for all the people living in our parish, we try to make our worship as open & welcoming to all 'flavours' as we reasonably can. We try to be a place where everyone can meet with God.


We tend to have a fairly modern outlook on life.  For example, we are quite happy with women as vicars and bishops; we don't mind baptising children whose parents aren't married; we'll usually take weddings where one partner is divorced ...  I'm sure you get the idea.


We believe God wants us to build a just world here & now.  Faith isn't just about belief, but belief put into action.  So we are committed to supporting people less fortunate than ourselves.  That includes giving to charities both local & overseas every year - we hope fairly generously.


Much of this is expressed in a statement of Our Vision ...

Our vision



First and foremost we are about God, and about offering a setting in which people may encounter God and in which the life of the spirit may flourish.  So here we're talking about the building  being accessible and available; about worship, prayerfulness, development of spirituality.



Themes of openness, acceptance and outreach come to mind. We want people to find the ways in and to belong - whatever their age, background or tradition. We want to offer an environment in which people feel that they can ask questions, can explore what they believe.



This is about opportunities for learning; providing a place where faith and understanding are explored, discovered and nurtured.  This is not just for the congregation, but for the wider community and wider church.



This is about being a community in which the grace of God in Christ is shared through words and deeds. We seek to offer pastoral care widely, offering people somewhere where they can belong; and to support the world church financially. The ministry of intercession and prayer for healing is part of this.