Growing in faith

We are all at different stages in our knowledge, understanding and acceptance of our Christian faith. But whatever stage we’re at there is still room to learn more, to deepen our faith – and there are different places we can turn to to learn.

Here we let you know about some resources for personal study, and some ways that we can support your growth in the Christian Faith at Holy Trinity

Resources for personal study

We’ve spent a little time looking at study material for those who are interested in learning more about Christian faith. One of the best we’ve come across is the Pilgrim Way course. It’s available as a series of eight books, the first four being aimed at someone who is just starting out in faith, the next four being aimed at people who have already made the first step, but want to know more.

You can buy these books individually or in sets on the Pilgrim Course website. There are also audio/video recordings to accompany the books.

If you prefer, there’s a shorter version comprising four webpages written by the same people called the Pilgrim Way. Each has a more detailed page supporting it, and they are all available at the Church of England’s website in a section on Our Faith. Follow the links below.


Bible reading notes

Many people base their study – and their prayer life – around reading a passage from the bible every day and reflecting on it.

There are lots of bible study notes around to help with this. The best known are from BRF (the Bible Reading Fellowship) and Scripture Union.

Each produces a range of different booklets published every 3 months. Look at their websites to see what’s available.

Courses to attend

As part of the Diocese of Birmingham, we are also able to make use of courses organised by the diocese across the region.

The 3D course happens every year, with people meeting in small groups across the diocese – there’s usually one in the Sutton Coldfield area. Groups meet once a week during term time to learn in more depth about the key themes in scripture. If you would like information on this, please ask John, our Rector.

‘Growing Gifts’ days happen throughout the year, a number of them being based at the Trinity Centre. Watch for details!

A few people want to take their study of theology deeper. The Queen’s Foundation (a Church of England and Methodist Church theological college based in Birmingham) run a range of courses in combination with the Diocese. These usually run for one session a week over a term, and cost a little more. Again, ask John if you are interested.

Growing in faith at Holy Trinity


Confirmation is a major step in each person’s faith journeys. Confirmation is all about you ‘confirming baptism promises’, and a bishop ‘confirming your membership of the church’.

Most people are baptised as children, and don’t make their baptism promises themselves – parents and godparents do it for them. If they are still involved in the church, when they’re old enough they make the promises themselves. That happens at a Confirmation Service, presided over by one of our bishops.

Once you’re confirmed you can receive communion with everyone else in church. The service happens once a year.  It will rotate between the Anglican churches of the Sutton Coldfield and Aston Deanery.

Before you’re confirmed, you attend a preparation course at which one of the clergy will teach about the key issues of faith – God, Jesus, human nature, scripture and so on – and help you reflect on what you believe.

If you’re interested in being confirmed have a word with one of our clergy.

Study Groups

We have a Learning and Discipleship Group who organise a range of events aimed at developing our understanding of Christian Faith. These include:

  • occasional one-off study days, often led by guest speakers
  • house groups, often in the Autumn, each of which studies the same 5 or 6 week course.
  • Lent courses, which are often arranged in co-operation with our Anglican cluster. In recent years these have taken a range of formats including a series of ‘interactive lectures’, and house groups

Details of these are published in advance, and all are welcome. There is occasionally a small cost (to cover the cost of the study books, or on study days to pay for lunch) but we can help with that if needed.