Charities we support

We believe that it is a vital part of our role as a church to show God’s love for all by supporting those in need. Here at Holy Trinity we support a number of charities in various different ways.

Some charities receive our support every year. In addition to these, each year we choose two extra charities to focus on.

Charities we support every year

Christian Aid

Christian Aid is..

“a Christian organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.”

Each year, in common with many churches we support Christian Aid week by delivering envelopes to homes in central Sutton Coldfield and collecting their offerings.

The Children’s Society

“We are a social justice organisation, and we are founded on and driven by our Christian values.”

The charity supports disadvantaged children in the UK.

We support the Children’s Society each year through a collection from our Christingle service, and through individual members of church keeping small change collection boxes at home.

Sutton Coldfield Food Bank

We support the food bank run by our friends and neighbours in the Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church.

Week by week throughout the year members of the congregation and users of the Trinity Centre drop food donations in with us. These are then taken down to the Baptist Church for distribution to those in need of this service.

When we hold our Harvest Festival in September we ask people to bring food donations suitable for the Food Bank so that our gifts can be used in the best and most appropriate way.

Action for Children at Birmingham Community Children’s Centre

Every year, just before Christmas we hold what we call the ‘Toy Service’. It’s an all age service, where we have many children and young people attending. We ask people to bring gifts of new toys, suitable for children of all ages. These are then given to Action for Children @ Birmingham Community Children’s Centre in Winson Green, who distribute them to  local children who wouldn’t otherwise have much as Christmas.

In this way we encourage our young people, and indeed the whole congregation, to remember those who have little in this season of gift-giving.

Charities chosen for support in 2019

Each year we choose two charities to receive support . One is usually a local charity, one is often international.

We support these charities through social and fundraising events, and from collections taken at church weddings.

This year we are supporting :









Midlands Air Ambulance operates three air ambulances across six counties – including the West Midlands. From their bases they can reach 90% of the region in within 8 minutes. Bearing in mind that reaching a hospital within 60 minutes can greatly increase the chances of survival you will see how valuable these air ambulances can be.

Each mission flight carries a pilot, two medics/paramedics and full life-support equipment. They average 2,000 missions a year – each one costing £2,500. They receive no government funding – everything comes from donations from the public – individuals and businesses.








By contrast Christian Aid operates all over the world. As a church-based charity they aim to follow the teaching of Christ, and recognise the dignity and equality before God of everyone. And so they expose poverty, help end it in practical ways, and challenge structures that favour the powerful over the marginalised.

They do this not by setting up huge programmes of their own, but by supporting projects being run by community groups local to the places where the help is needed – at the moment 700 such projects. That ensures that funds are directed to where there is need, and to people who use them to overcome it.

We already support Christian Aid every year through their annual door-to-door collection, so you may be asking why support them in this way as well. Well … door-to-door collections are getting less effective, so much so that almost all charities have stopped doing them. So we’re thinking about other ways we can raise a few extra funds for Christian Aid, like having them as one of our charities for 2019.

Charities supported in previous years

2018 Mission Aviation Fellowship and Acorns Children’s Hospice

2017 Acacia Family Support and Malawi (Diocesan link diocese)

2016 British Heart Foundation

2015 Cancer support

2014 Cherished