One hundred years


It lasted 4 years and 107 days. 20 million people – forces and civilians on both sides –died, 21 million were injured. But one hundred years ago, on 11th November 1918, the guns stopped and peace came. Finally.

Each year, on the Sunday closest to 11th November, we gather to remember. We remember the sacrifices made by so many, the lives lost and broken.

Each year we promise to do all we can not to let it happen again. Our promises fail for we are human, and fall short of the perfection required. War has rarely stopped in these last one hundred years despite our intentions. But we look to God for forgiveness, renew our promises, and try again.

On this 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, Remembrance Sunday is 11th November. How appropriate. We will once again join together at Holy Trinity … to remember, and to make our promises. Please join us if you can.