Keeping social during lockdown


It’s been difficult, how can you organise anything social when we all have to stay at home and socially isolate? We had planned a Big Breakfast and a Quiz for April and May and were thinking of doing a Parish picnic for the 75th anniversary of VE day on, but that’s all had to be cancelled for now. It looks like it is going to be picnic weather as well! The Friends concerts have had to be cancelled for the rest of the season, so thank you Covid-19!

The Knit n Natter group have knitted table decorations – nests, baskets and egg cosies for sale for Easter, they will keep for next year, but we have had to eat the chocolate eggs to go in them, they won’t keep (every cloud!!). Although they can’t Natter, except by phone, they have still been Knitting and sewing ear protectors and kit bags for Good Hope hospital nurses. Along with squares to make blankets, for places abroad.

Film club has had to temporarily stop for now the next film was due to be ‘Judy’ starring Renee Zellweger, it will now be our first, whenever we can recommence.

We can’t have our Quiz, but we did hold a virtual Quiz on Skype, it was organised and arranged by Nick Revell. It was challenging and fun, thanks Nick, it was good to see the twenty households that took part. We had a few technical issues to start with. First of all we couldn’t see any of the slides using my tablet. So I dialled in on my phone, but we had no sound, so I got the sound from the tablet. Then the tablet crashed and rebooted. Managed to get sound on my phone but not loud enough for Sue. I fetched my ear phones and as I plugged them in I caught my wine glass and spilt red wine all down my leg, the suite and carpet. Then I realised I hadn’t turned the camera on. Apart from that it worked very well!

Stay safe.

Sue and Colin