By 1300 there was a chancel and small nave.


By 1500 the tower had been built and the nave extended and joined up with it.


Side aisle added by Bishop Vesey 1533 (north side, now called Vesey aisle to distinguish from Victorian-era addition of further north aisle).
First organ installed by Bishop Vesey in south chapel 1530.
Four bells installed by Bishop Vesey from Canwell Priory (dissolved 1525) plus one sanctus bell 1530.
Side aisle added by Bishop Vesey (south).


Box pews installed in 1740s then major repairs in 1760 including replacement of pews.

North gallery added.
West gallery added (1708).
South gallery added.


Vesey gallery extended westwards 1760.
Nave rebuilt 1760.
New pulpit erected in chancel 1760.
South gallery extended westwards beyond south porch 1760.
West gallery enlarged (“Four Oaks” gallery) with room for choir and organ behind and above.
West end arch blocked to accommodate organ.
Font of the time placed under west gallery 1760. Note: not the current Saxon font installed in 1856.


Additional gallery (east end of north side (now Vesey aisle and chapel) for school children of Town School 1828.
Entrance – visible behind memorial and externally.
Additional gallery (east end of south side) for school children of Town School 1828.
Entrance – only visible externally.
Churchyard enlarged towards Lower Parade 1832.


Roof of nave raised with a steeper pitch 1863.
Clergy vestry 1874. Contains memorial to William Wilson, formerly outside church wall.
Stained glass in Vesey Chapel east window 1870.
School gallery removed 1868 (NE).
School gallery removed 1868 (SE).
Current font given to church in 1856.


New north aisle and gallery.
Pulpit moved from chancel to nave.
Chancel floor raised and woodwork bought from Worcester Cathedral used extensively in chancel and south chapel 1875.
New pews installed throughout church except south gallery, where box pews remain.
West arch of nave re-opened.
External doorway to tower stone stairs blocked up (NB not clear from plans exactly where this doorway had been).
West galleries of 18th Century removed 1875.
Galleries by Vesey on original North wall removed 1875.


West door.
Traditionally the grand entrance in churches and at Holy Trinity used for the entrance of the bride at weddings.
Small amount of woodwork from the old Coventry Cathedral installed round inner doors.
New choir vestry built by Bidlake 1901.
Painted ceiling in nave by Bateman 1914.
Painted ceiling in Vesey Chapel by Bateman 1929. Chapel screen erected 1929 in memory of Canon Barnard and his wife.
Painted ceiling in chancel by Bateman 1929.
Altar added to Vesey Chapel 1929.
Organ of 1901 sited in south chapel (near to choir in chancel).
South porch.
Main entrance for regular services but with steps down into church.
Rector’s board sited here until 2016.


Glass doors fitted, west end section of gallery removed to expose stained glass window.
Stairs moved from West end to here (middle of North gallery).
Chancel extended by dais at front and new altar rail, woodwork removed, castors added to altar.
Mosaics created 1990s by students at Sutton College.
South chapel becomes choir vestry. Chamber organ removed.
Ramp access created.
Font moved to foot of tower.
Pews removed, new floor laid with underfloor heating.
Pipe organ, built into tower in 1950, removed 2018 and replaced by digital organ. West end stained glass window now exposed, also painted ceiling of 1929.
Rector’s board restored and moved from south porch to new entrance.
Floor lowered and new accessible entrance created.
Plaque commemorating re-ordering of church 2016.
Trinity Centre built 1996-7. Gravestones moved to edge of site. Car park created and cobbled driveway up Church Hill.