Thank you for your interest, please note the conditions of hire, which benefit both Hirers and ourselves


  1. Bookings are secured by a non-returnable deposit of 25% of the agreed hire charge. Cancellation by the Hirer within 48 hours of the event incurs the full charge.
  2. The balance of the hire charge must be received not less than one business day prior to the date of the booking, or five business days in the case of a cheque to allow for clearance.
  3. The Hirer accepts liability for the full cost of repair or replacement consequent upon any damage or breakages to the property, its fixtures, fittings, furnishings and equipment occurring during the period of hire caused by the Hirer, his partners, employees, agents, guests or clients.
  4. In addition to the hire charge the Hirer may be requested to lodge a deposit of £50 as cover against any minor damage or breakages. This deposit will be returned provided no such damage or breakages have occurred.
  6. The Hirer will adhere strictly to the times agreed, which must include setting up and clearing up time, and will vacate the premises promptly. In exceptional circumstances an extension may be agreed at an extra charge of double the normal rate and IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES will this be permitted beyond 11 p.m.
  7. A list of caterers with whom we have an arrangement for the payment of royalties, is available and caterers must be chosen from that list.
  8. The Trinity Centre is not licensed for the sale of alcohol. The Management Committee may give permission for the application of an occasional licence by the Hirer, which must be displayed for the duration of the event. The time of that licence may not extend beyond 10.30 p.m.
  9. At the discretion of the Management Committee, self-catering arrangements may be agreed, subject to an additional fee being paid for the use of the kitchen and equipment. The Hirer must agree to the Terms and Conditions set out for self catering as set out below. If alcoholic beverages are provided by the Hirer, a corkage charge may be made.
  10. Hirers shall indemnify the PCC of Holy Trinity Sutton Coldfield and all employees, volunteers or agents against all claims, demands, costs and liabilities actions or proceedings in respect of goods or clothing, or of the deaths or injuries of any persons which shall occur during the period of hire, provided that this indemnity shall not apply to any claim, demand, action, or proceedings which arises out of the negligence on the part of the Trinity Centre, its officers, volunteers or agents or from any defects on the premises. All Hirers are advised to carry their own Public Liability insurance and, if requested by The Trinity Centre, a copy of the Certificate of Insurance relating thereto shall be provided to the Trinity Centre prior to the hire being confirmed. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to undertake a risk assessment relating to their activities during the period of hire, and to establish such insurance arrangements, as he may deem necessary to cover his liabilities. The Trinity Centre accepts no liability for loss or damage to the property of the Hirer hiring the Centre, his partner, employees, agents or guests, whether within the building or car park.
  11. Sub-letting is not permitted.
  12. Seating capacities (as shown in the table below) in any of the rooms the subject of this Hire, are not to be exceeded under any circumstances.
  13. The Trinity Centre has in place Anti-Drug and Child Protection policies which will be strictly adhered to. Full copies are available from the office. Breaches of either policy will not be tolerated under any circumstances and the Police will be notified immediately of an infringement.
  14. The Management Committee reserves the right to vary the charges and conditions of hire.
  15. The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse a booking without reason or notice or, upon giving not less than 48 hours notice in writing to the Hirer, have the right to cancel a booking if the Management Committee knows, or has good cause to believe, that such booking will lead to a breach of any of the above Conditions of Hire. In the event of a cancellation under this clause the Trinity Centre shall refund to the Hirer any deposit or booking fee already paid but shall not be liable for any other costs whatsoever incurred by either the Hirer or their Agents.
  16. ADDITIONAL SPECIAL CONDITIONS: The Management reserves the right to add special conditions.


We recommend that Hirers self-catering visit the Centre to ensure the equipment meets their needs.

Hirers will be responsible for

  1. The provision of linen, serving dishes and utensils, cooking pots, pans and utensils.
  2. The cleaning of all surfaces, cooker, dishwasher, all equipment used and the floor within the kitchen.
  3. The disposal of kitchen waste in secured bin liners to the large bin to the side of the building, and all bottles must be disposed of off site.
  4. A deposit of £50 is required and will be returned to the Hirer provided the kitchen is left in a satisfactory condition.

Maximum Seating Capacities

Seating_Capacities Formal_Seating:

Theatre Style


Conference Style





Trinity Suite 150 150 120 150
Trinity I & II 70 70 50 70
Longman Suite 100 100 80 100