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Press Release                                           January 2017

Heritage at the heart of Sutton Coldfield wins Heritage Lottery Fund support


The Parochial Church Council of Holy Trinity Parish Church is delighted to announce the award of a National Lottery grant for the Heritage at the Heart of Sutton Coldfield project.  The £96,900 Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) award will enable the Grade I listed church to interpret and share the many strands of its 700-year history with the whole community.  


A new volunteer stewarding scheme will be established to enhance the church’s interpretation and extend its opening hours.  Interested individuals from the Royal Town aged 16 or over will be encouraged to sign up to the scheme to offer their time as stewards in the newly re-ordered church building.  Not only will they enable the church to remain open as much as possible outside of service times, they will learn about the history of the church and talk with visitors.  They will also show them ways to enhance their visit through print and digital resources.


The HLF grant will also enable the formation of a new education programme.  Local schools and the Sutton Coldfield campus of Birmingham Metropolitan College had already endorsed the aim of the project to enable the church to be open more regularly during the daytime for group visits.  Commissioned artists will work with these schools and the College to design resources which support elements of the National Curriculum and further and higher education courses.


The church community is keen to share the many features of the building’s heritage, from the tomb of Bishop Vesey, through features of the building added since the thirteenth century, to memorials, rare woodwork and stained glass.  It is hoped that the acclaimed tower trips will be made available again on open days.  There are many personal stories of people associated with the church across the years which will delight visitors of all ages.  Above all, the church wishes to welcome those longstanding residents of our town who say from time to time “Holy Trinity?  Do you know I’ve never had occasion to go into that church!”


Commenting on the award, Stella Thebridge, Co-ordinator of the church project, said: “We are thrilled to have received the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund are confident the project will support the people of Sutton Coldfield to learn more about their heritage and to share this with others.”


Vanessa Harbar, Head of HLF West Midlands, said: “We’re delighted to support Holy Trinity PCC with their comprehensive plans to open up the church to new audiences. Thanks to National Lottery players, this project will provide fantastic volunteering, training and learning opportunities for the people of Sutton Coldfield to engage with their local heritage.”




Information Update 1

Commission Opportunity


As part of Heritage at the Heart, we require  paid work to be undertaken in consultation with schools and other community groups to create resources for visitors to enhance their experience of our church heritage

Creative artists with relevant experience are invited to apply to undertake this work.  For full details of the work involved and the submission process, including deadlines, please see below.



Holy Trinity Parish Church

Church Hill, Mill Street, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1TF

Website:         www.htsc.org.uk





Holy Trinity Parish Church: Heritage at the Heart of Sutton Coldfield

Heritage education resources – intergenerational work:

invitation to tender                                           26th February 2017




Holy Trinity Church of England is a Grade I listed parish church within a designated conservation area, and has a number of interesting historical features dating from various centuries since the late 13th.


A grant has been awarded to the church by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s “Our Heritage” fund to enable interpretation of the heritage to be undertaken and for the establishment of a volunteer stewarding programme to enable the church to open beyond service times.  The project as a whole is to run until the end of 2018.


The introduction to the project bid explains the rationale for the whole project:


This project will enable Holy Trinity Parish Church to bring its heritage to the whole community through new education programmes and increased visitor numbers arising from increased opening hours.  Working with schools, colleges and historical and heritage fora, the project steering group will oversee a range of educational visits and opportunities linked to the national curriculum and life-long learning initiatives, the establishment of a stewarding programme, recruiting and training volunteers aged 16plus to extend interpretation of the key heritage features of this Grade 1 listed building, and the production of online, audio and print resources to create appropriate visitor experiences, online or in person.  … The many unique features of the building, and the work of this project furthering re-ordering work currently underway*, will ensure the widest possible awareness and enjoyment of the church's heritage.


*Phase 1 of the internal re-ordering of the church is now complete.  A separate background document lists the main heritage features of the church and gives more detail of the main areas of work which comprise the project as a whole.  This document, along with further background information on the project is currently available on the church’s main website as follows:




This commission


As part of the HLF grant, the church has up to £15,000 to work with community groups to produce an intergenerational resource that can be used by all ages, whether school groups or individuals of any age wishing to learn more about the church’s heritage.


Creative artists are invited to tender for a project to work with these groups to produce resources which enable visitors of different ages to learn more about the church in person and online.  It is hoped the work can start from April / May 2017.


Applicants should submit a project plan to include information about:

  • ·         tangible project outcome(s) for visitors to the church and for the host church communit
  • ·         The format of finished resource(s)– print and/or electronic with clear indication of how this would work and be accessed by visitors
  • ·         A breakdown of work required by specific artists (e.g. consultation, digitisation, photography, resource production)
  • ·         ways in which community groups including schools would be involved / consulted, including piloting of potential resources
  • ·         sustainability of the resources in terms of updating
  • ·         A breakdown of costs and expected timeline for completion over a period ending 31st Dec 2017.

As part of the whole project, there will be a separate commission for work specifically to address IT developments, particularly a new website and archiving / digitisation processes.  Some of this will inevitably link to this commission.  For the moment it would be helpful for applicants to this commission to note the potential IT requirements (and outcomes) of their project.


Supporting information

In addition to the project plan:

1.      1.   Applicants should submit brief information about any relevant qualifications and experience.

2.      2. Applicants must also submit the full names and contact details, including phone number and email address, of two people who can act as referees, one of whom should be a current or recent employer able to testify to relevant work experience.



The successful applicant will report to the project Steering Group and be expected to make regular verbal and written updates through the lifetime of the project.

Any resources created as a result of this process will acknowledge the authorship of the selected applicant, but will become the property of Holy Trinity Parish Church Sutton Coldfield who will retain the right to update them or replace them should circumstances require.



Submitting your application

This must be sent by email to:
Stella Thebridge, Project Co-ordinator via heritage@htsc.org.uk and must be sent by midnight on
Sunday 19th March 2017.


The subject line of the email needs to say “HatH – artist commission application”.


Your email application will not be acknowledged.  You are advised to put a “read receipt” on the message.  We will only contact you again if you are selected for interview, in which case you should hear by Friday 24th March.



If you are required to attend for interview for final selection, this will be held on:

Friday 7th April 2017 at the church.  You will be notified of the exact time to attend and format of the process in advance.


If you wish to see inside the church in advance of submitting the application, please call 0121 321 1144 during office hours to arrange a convenient time.


For any queries about the documentation or tender process please email as above giving a phone number if you require a call back.


More Information and Progress Updates Will Follow...