Help us put on a panto!


Life on the youth work front is pretty busy at the moment. Before Christmas we created an interactive Christmas Experience in church where children and families could come and be involved in an acted version of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. This was a pilot to see if it could be done and the discussions are ongoing regarding that one. It was a lot of work (including making a flock of sheep!) but very rewarding and thought provoking.

Then, amidst the usual youth club activities, some silly person (me) had the great idea that it would be nice to put on a panto!

The older youth group liked this idea and so a date has been set, a title created and now the realisation of just how much time and energy it will take to write and perform a panto (albeit not until November 14th) has set in not without a certain amount of misgivings on my part. However, the core group of CYG are very enthusiastic so now, at every spare moment, you will find me scribbling a provisional script in notebooks or bouncing ideas around for the set.It is going to be hard work but great fun.

We want people from all the different groups who use our building to get involved and support us and the more this happens the more fun it will all be. We hope to raise lots of money for Children In Need through doing it. So we need your help both to put on the panto and also to find acts to perform in the second half of the show. Please save the sanity of the Youth Worker by getting in touch and seeing whether you can offer any support.

Susie Walker
Youth Work Coordinator