Film club

If you enjoy films, then you're welcome to try our Film Club.  The choice of films is democratic & surprisingly wide!  The separate page will tell you more.


Choirs & Church Music

For the musical of all ages we have the Choir. We meet to practice Friday evenings.  If you're interested follow the links to find out more.


If you play an instrument, then there's something for you too.  At all-age services we try to have a small orchestra cum band depending on who is available & what they play!


Talk to Stella Thebridge, our Music Director, or fill in the form at the foot of the Choir page.


Practical Groups

If you'd like to get involved with something more practical, then we have various groups who do things around the church.


The Flower Arrangers do fabulous work, putting flowers in church each Sunday (except for Lent) & decorating more extensively for festivals like Christmas, Easter & Harvest - & even some weddings.  New arrangers are always welcome - contact Mary Dixon for more information.


There's a group which cleans the church - they come in on alternate Fridays at 9.30am.  And there are a few people who keep the grounds tidy - they're here most Friday mornings.  It sounds mundane, but in truth it's an essential job & we're grateful for their efforts.  If you're interested in helping, talk to one of our Wardens.


Knit 'n' Natter

We have started a group who meet on the second Monday of the month to knit and natter, with the emphasis being on the natter. It's not just knitting so if you can't or don't want to, you can take part in other crafts.

Tea, coffee and cakes are an important part of the afternoon. Come along and meet everyone, we are growing in numbers every week.


Another group you'll see around is the bellringers.  They ring on Sunday mornings, at weddings ... & at some of the special occasions like the Civic Service.  They practice on Wednesdays at 8.00pm, & are always keen to see new members, whatever their level of experience.  If you're interested speak with John, our Rector - he will pass on your details.