Giving to Church


When I was a young fellow the popular perception was that the Church of England was very wealthy, with no financial worries, and our giving to church was little more than a token. Since then, although there has been a great deal of change, that misconception about the church’s finances seems to persist to a large extent.

It is true to say that the Church does own a large number of very large and beautiful buildings but the upkeep of these carries a significant cost. At Holy Trinity we have been fortunate as the Friends over the last 5 years have raised a very useful amount specifically to cover building maintenance. That, however is only one element of our outgoings and the day to day running costs are by far our greatest concern.

In common with most households and business our out-goings have seen a steady increase over the years despite the efforts made to contain them. At the same time, sadly, we have seen a decline in the size of our congregation and hence a smaller number of those giving regularly.

Next month we shall arrive at that time of the year when we are all asked to consider again our planned giving to our church over the next twelve months and this is becoming ever more important, for as things stand, we face the prospect of an increasing deficit.

So when thinking about our giving we should each be asking ourselves – is this a reasonable contribution, first and foremost in the light of our individual financial circumstances but also bearing in mind the precarious state of our church finances.

We can say and believe that God will provide but let us not lose sight of the fact that God expects us to do our bit as well.

Bob Dyke