Giving to church


I am sure it will come as no surprise to learn that the Coronavirus Lock down has had quite a serious impact upon our church finances. With the exception of Planned Giving virtually all sources of income have dried up and The Trinity Centre which would normally make a contribution from its earnings has had to remain completely closed down and mothballed.

Of course, every attempt has been made to mitigate the effect of this by furloughing salaried staff and where possible adjusting our outgoings but it is inevitable that we shall not achieve a breakeven position this year. Revised Budgets have been drawn up and our expectation is that we shall be facing a deficit both this year and next. We are not panicking about this because we are fortunate in having resources available to help us through this.

All of this serves to underline how important Planned Giving is to the wellbeing of our church and so we are most grateful to you all for your generous support in these difficult circumstances. The excellent response to the appeal last November should have seen total giving achieve our target figure, however individual circumstances have changed, resulting in the termination of some giving and so we shall inevitably fall short of the expected figure. We hope that those of you who are able will maintain or perhaps increase your giving during the coming months.

Those who give by weekly envelope or the open plate have had their contribution disrupted by the lock down. Slowly we are moving back to some sort of normality and when we are able to gather in church you may wish to make up the backlog. As has been said before if your giving is not covered by Gift Aid or you simply use the open plate and you choose to make a single payment of more than £30 could you please put this in an envelope showing the number of weeks the payment is intended to cover so that we may benefit from the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme permitted by HMRC.

Again may I say how grateful we are to all our donors. Thank you.

Bob on behalf of the Stewardship Team