The Night Watch

This concert has now passed - see our concerts and events page for details of what's still to come in the Friends of Holy Trinity Church 2017-18 season.


Saturday 16th September 2017 at 7.30pm

This concert forms part of the Holy Trinity Heritage Weekend (see our heritage page for more info).


The Night Watch present medieval, renaissance and baroque songs and dance music from the 13th to 17th centuries. They will wow you with tunes sung in mediaeval, Tudor and modern English, accompanied by period instruments, including shawms, recorders, cornamuse, rebec, oud, lute, gittern, cittern, and renaissance guitars.


The Night Watch returns to Holy Trinity by popular demand - their concert a few years ago was great fun, and we learned so much about these wonderful instruments. A treat not to be missed!


If you want to find out more, visit The Night Watch website.

Some images from the evening...