Financing the church

We rely on the generosity of worshippers – regular members and visitors – to pay for all the costs associated with maintaining the church buildings, employing staff, and fulfilling our mission to the people of Sutton Coldfield.

People often feel uncomfortable when asking for money, But we are not ashamed of what we do at Holy Trinity to further God’s work. We hope you too will value it, and be prepared to support us financially.

Here we explain how you can help.

Supporting our day-to-day costs

What does it cost to run Holy Trinity?

It costs about £13,000 per month to run Holy Trinity. About 50% of that is paid to the diocese – to pay for our own rector, but also to help provide clergy in parts of Birmingham diocese which couldn’t otherwise afford a priest. About 25% goes on running the church building (insurance, heating and maintenance). The rest goes on paying salaries for our Parish Administrator and shared Youth Worker, and general Admin costs.

Where does the money come from?

Where does the money come from to pay for this? We get no help from outside – all our income comes from what we do, and from the support people like you give us. 80% of our income comes from the generous giving of our congregation. Wedding fees and a few other sources of income help a little.

Why do people give to us?

Most of us find our finances stretched, but we give because we know that God has been even more generous to us. If you join us, we hope that you will be generous too! Giving isn’t a membership fee; it’s a response to God’s unfailing generosity and grace, and to the needs of the church.

Ways of supporting us

Regular, planned giving

It helps the church to plan if we have an idea of what people are going to give in advance. We encourage members of our congregation to join our planned giving scheme.

Each year members fill in a form saying what they plan to give. Then they make their contributions by either:

  • filling in a Standing Order form which we provide – if you see someone not putting anything on the collection plate, its probably because they’ve got a Standing Order straight into our bank account or
  • joining the envelope scheme. At the start of the year they get a box of envelopes, which they then use to make their contribution (cash or cheque) – they put an envelope on the collection plate each week.      

What individuals give is treated as confidential. Only our Stewardship Officer knows what each person gives; no-one else knows, not even the Rector and wardens.

Gift Aid

If you are a taxpayer, then for every 80p you give us we can claim 20p back from HM Revenue & Customs. That’s money you have already paid to the government through the tax system, which they give back to us on your behalf. Gift Aid is worth about £16,000 a year to us, and without it we would struggle!   So if you are a tax payer, please ‘Gift Aid’ your giving to us!

When people fill in the planned giving form each year, they also say that they want us to reclaim their tax through Gift Aid. It costs them nothing except a tick in a box – the rest is done by the Stewardship Officer.

Occasional giving

For those who don’t feel they can commit to one of the regular, planned giving schemes – and for visitors – you can still contribute by putting a gift on the collection plate each week. You can either:

  • put cash or a cheque straight onto the plate
  • if you are a tax-payer, put cash or a cheque in one of the Gift Aid envelopes which are in the backs of some of the chairs, fill in the name and address details on the envelope, and put the envelope on the plate. As with the regular giving envelope scheme, only the Stewardship Officer knows what each person has given.

Supporting larger projects


People often want to make a special one-off donation to our church. It may be to celebrate some occasion in their lives like a special anniversary; or as a memorial for a loved one; or it may be that we’re planning a particular project they think is very worthwhile and they want to make a donation especially to that. 

If that’s something you’d like to do, we’d be happy to discuss it with you further – ask the Stewardship Officer. Remember, if you’re a taxpayer you ‘Gift Aid’ your donation just as you can ‘Gift Aid’ your regular giving.


Some people – whether they are congregation members or not – leave a legacy to the church in their wills. This appeals particularly to those with limited income, or with capital tied up in their house. It’s a very generous thing to do, and we are very grateful when it happens.

Often people want their legacies to be used for a specific project rather than be soaked up in the day-to-day running costs of the church. This is entirely understandable, but when they make their will they have no idea what projects we will be looking at years later when they die. And, if they say exactly what project they want their legacy used for when they write their will, the project may not exist by the time they die which means the legacy cannot be accepted.

So we have recently set up a policy to deal with this. We encourage people to leave a legacy which doesn’t restrict us to anything specific, but at the same time we promise to do all we can to use their legacy in a way they would have wanted …

Holy Trinity welcomes gifts in wills, however large or small. We promise to use such gifts to make a difference to the work of the church (eg by funding development projects in the parish, whether buildings, equipment or staff). We will consult with the executors to identify the sorts of projects the donor would have liked.

If you’d like to make a legacy as part of your will, please have a word with our Stewardship Officer, or indeed with one of the clergy.

Taking it further


If you would like to know more about joining our one of our planned giving schemes, about Gift Aid, or about donations & legacies, please phone us at the Trinity Centre, or contact the Stewardship Officer by completing the form below.