Easter Sunday


After the darkness, a new day dawns.

At daybreak on Easter Sunday Mary Magdalen is at the tomb. She sees the body of Jesus isn’t there. Horrified, pangs of grief striking at heart, she turns to look for help. She sees a stranger nearby and pleads to know where the body is. He says to her ‘Why are you weeping?’ and then simply speaks her name. And immediately she knows him – Jesus, her Lord, is risen.

This simple story lies at the heart of our faith. Jesus who died is raised by God to new life. And that new life is opened up to all of us. Here lies the root of our belief that love defeats hatred, hope conquers despair, life conquers death.

This new life is not just something for a future existence beyond this material plain. It’s also about the here and now. I the midst of a world undergoing this Coronavirus crisis, where so much else seems to be caught in the grip of rot and decay, new life is possible. No situation is beyond redemption through God’s unbounded grace.

With our country in ‘lock-down’ and social distancing urged on all of us it may seem we are desperately in need of new life, life beyond this Coronavirus crisis. That life will come, a more normal life without these unnatural constraints.

This Easter Sunday, we cannot gather in church to celebrate the risen Christ and all that he brings. But we still celebrate, each of us in our homes. God’s promise for us all is new life in his grace. We don’t know when but come it will.