How would you define discipleship? A disciple is a follower, in my case of Jesus and what he stands for. I try to lead my life as he taught, I can’t always achieve it, but I do try.

One definition of discipleship is: one who embraces and assists in the teaching of another. So, how do we do that at Holy Trinity? I’m not someone who can stand on a street corner proclaiming the word of Jesus, but I believe if you make the church open and welcoming, people will come and you can talk to them one to one.

So how do we make the church open and welcoming? We have reordered the church building, but we can’t rest on our laurels – we have to continue to work at it. We have to give of ourselves. That’s at the centre of discipleship.

So how should we give of ourselves? Partly it’s about money. We need to give more if we are to remain solvent. There’s a limit to what I can afford to give, but I can increase a little. How about you?

It’s about time too. I try to give my time to the church. Again, how about you? Time is valuable – by joining in you also become more fully part of the church and help us be open and welcoming to others.

What can you do? What would you enjoy? Volunteers are needed to staff the Trinity Centre, or to steward in the church on open days, for a whole range of admin tasks, to sit on one of the church life committees (you don’t have to be a PCC member). Why not stand for PCC, go on the coffee rota after the service, or join our church cleaners for a couple of hours every other Friday? Can you spare some time?

The offering of time and money are central to discipleship. So take a moment to ask … how do you give? How could you give?

Colin, Church Warden