Churchwarden’s update


As you are all aware the Church and Trinity Centre have been closed since lockdown began.

A few things have been happening during that time, not least a check on the buildings once or twice a week by Colin, to make sure everything is secure and in good order. Some tiles had become dislodged in the tower area and those have been repaired, that might have gone unnoticed in ordinary time until we have rain coming in! Painting to the ceiling in the south aisle following a leaking radiator earlier in the year has been done, and the green cross at the entrance to the Trinity Centre has been repainted.

A little bird tells me that John & Karen Wright have been doing a weekly litter pick and some gardening, helping to keep the grounds looking their best. Thank you!

There is no doubt that when we eventually get back into Church we will need to have a late ‘spring clean’ I am reliably informed that there are plenty of cobwebs and quite a bit of dust around the place! I expect that the Trinity Centre will need similar attention.

It is good to see John now recording the service from Church and we all look forward to the day when we can all be together again.