Sundays : Children's Groups


We have a safe, soft play area for younger children
We have a safe, soft play area for younger children

We have a carpeted, enclosed creche area in the main church, with toys suitable for babies, toddlers and preschool children. If you wish you can sit here with your child and still take an active part in the service while they play.

We always have someone in the crèche area to help you with any questions you may have. And we're sure you'll find the other parents and carers welcoming.


If you're not sure whether you'll need to use the creche facilities it might be best to choose a seat towards that side of the church. You can then easily move to the creche during the service if necessary.


During the service there is a children's hymn where children of all ages are invited to the front to play a musical instrument and sing along!


This facility is available each Sunday throughout the year.


Sparklers is a Sunday group for children aged 4 to 7 years. They meet each Sunday during term time except in 'All Age Services' where children are welcome to join in the service as part of the congregation.


Now that the church has been re-ordered, Sparklers meet in our new glass-sided meeting room under the north gallery in church. This means the children are still visible and so 'with us' during the service.


Our aim is to encourage the children to learn about God’s love for them using a variety of activities. Children will learn about the Bible readings that have been heard by the congregation and will often show their work at the end of the service. Children re-join the congregation for Holy Communion.

Older children

We try to adapt our children's groups according to how many children of each age group we are expecting. At the moment we have lots of little ones but very few children in the older primary school or secondary school ages. This means we're currently not running regular groups for these ages on Sunday mornings. However, some of our older children enjoy volunteering to help with Sparklers.


We'd love to run groups for older children again so please do let us know if you have children of these ages who would like to take part in a group!


From time to time we hold activity days and themed services aimed at children of all ages. Keep an eye on the website, or 'like' us on Facebook to find out about these when they happen.


And have a look at our youth group page to see regular activities we run for older children and young people outside the Sunday service.


Children's artwork in church

We love to display artwork in the church which has been created by our children. It helps them feel part of the church, and reminds us of the importance of our children as the present and future of Holy Trinity.


Below are two of our young members explaining to John and the congregation what they've created during their group. This panel, along with others, will be displayed proudly in church for all to enjoy.



Have a look at more examples of the children's work on our Facebook page.