An update on our church giving


As usual, there’s good news and not so good news.

The good news: we have continued with the very welcome increase in giving to the church that we reported earlier in the year. Compared with 2018 we are giving around £110 per week extra (+5%). So the deficit on the main church income and expenditure account should be smaller. Thank you, and well done!

The not so good news: to break even on the main church income and expenditure account we needed giving to increase by £240 per week extra (+11%). We’ve achieved a little under half that increase. So with only 2 months left in the year we won’t reach the break even target which our Stewardship campaign was hoping for.

Next come a couple of challenges, as we look to make that 2019 deficit into a 2020 break-even.

The first: we are really dependent upon the continuation of a relatively small number of very generous givers … we need to spread the load a bit more fairly. Are you able to give more to help?

The second: sadly we lose existing givers every year as they move away from the area, or die. We need to replace their giving – with new givers or with increased giving from existing givers. Again, are you able to give more to help?

So in summary … well done so far! But, as ever, please keep it up and be aware there is no room to relax. We all need to look at our giving if we are to eliminate that deficit in 2020! We pray it may be so.

Mike (on behalf of the Stewardship team)