All Souls Service


November is a sombre month, the days are shorter and the cold of winter is not far away. It is a time of national remembrance, the nation falls silent as the bugles sound, the flags are lowered, and those who died in the two World Wars and many other conflicts are remembered.

However, on the Sunday before Remembrance Sunday in Churches all over the land a Service formally known as the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed, but more usually as the All Souls Service will be held. During this Service at Holy Trinity we shall remember, pray for and light candles for those recently departed and perhaps for others from our more distant past. It is an opportunity for all those who have been bereaved to gather in worship and remembrance. We remember that we are linked with the Communion of Saints, those who have died and with whom we share the hope of resurrection from the dead.

We all know that death is inevitable, its reality is unescapable. When death occurs, it is an awful experience, we cry and are desolate, it seems as though a part of us has died. It is an experience that Jesus shares with us, he cried when he heard of the death of Lazarus. Death, sorrow and mourning are part of our human existence. So it is right to grieve and to shed tears.

As Christians we acknowledge the importance of remembering and praying for the departed. It is through remembering and praying that we continue to show our love those whom we see no more. In this Service we remember those we have lost and in doing so declare our trust in God and our faith in eternal life.

Paul Duckers

Associate Priest