A Warden’s Life


A Warden’s Life is a busy one. And another year as Warden now stretches before me.

Having been re-elected at the Annual Meeting in late April, Colin and I have now been formally installed as Wardens for another twelve months. The installation service in Birmingham Cathedral was packed! It was a happy, uplifting and encouraging time shared by wardens from around the Diocese.

A few days later we had the first major outing as re-installed wardens – the annual Civic Service for the town. We welcomed many members of the local community together with the Deputy Lieutenant, Mayor, MP, and local councillors. It was an opportunity to reflect on all that’s happening in our Royal Town.

The Church Warden role has many responsibilities beyond the occasional big event. We’re charged with being:

‘foremost in representing the laity and in co-operating with the incumbent; to use our best endeavours by example and precept to encourage the parishioners in the practice of true religion and to promote unity and peace among them’

My goodness, that sounds daunting!

To lighten the load, Colin and I have each other and many other helpers including deputy wardens, stewards and countless volunteers. We’re hopeful that new people will come on board to learn some of what we do, so that they can take over the responsibilities eventually.

We do our best to look after the church and Trinity Centre buildings, and keep the grounds tidy and litter free. We try to make Holy Trinity a friendly and safe place where all are welcome and feel able to join in our services and many other activities that happen during the week.