A new face


From Sunday 30th June we’ll be seeing a new face in church and around the parish. Leanne Carr will be joining us as curate, fresh from two years at theological college at Queen’s in Edgbaston. She’ll be spending the next three years or so with us, learning her new ‘trade’ and continuing to explore her vocation.

It’s a time of change for Leanne and her family. It will be exciting and joyful … but also a little strange at first.

As a new curate she’ll be leaving the relative isolation of theological college, and will be thrust into the daily life of parish work. For two years, colleges try to prepare their students for that change, and their studies include experiencing parish life. But ultimately college is focused on academic books and spiritual formation. I can remember how full-time practical life in a parish came as quite an abrupt change!

So it may take a while for Leanne to settle into her new situation. She’ll spend the initial weeks listening to me explaining how we work, exploring the parish, familiarising herself with our policies, meeting the wardens and other chairs of our committees. And of course she’ll be at our services, beginning to build a relationship with all of us, as individuals and as a community.

Leanne’s task as she comes to Holy Trinity isn’t to become the extra pair of hands everyone (including me!) might like for their particular area of ministry. Instead she comes here to experience the full breadth of church life, develop her skills of leadership, and explore the particularities of her own calling – be it a call to pastoral work or preaching or whatever.

Having met Leanne a number of times I’m really looking forward to her joining us here. I hope you are too, and I know you’ll all welcome Leanne and her family warmly. I’m sure you’ll know enough of what it’s like to be new to a place, a community, not to expect too much too soon; I’m sure you’ll all be patient whilst she finds her feet.