Music - a welcome, and some thanks

David Rice - our new Director of Music
David Rice - our new Director of Music

During 2017 our Music Co-ordinator, Stella Thebridge, decided to stand down from the role.  Stella hasn’t departed, but wanted to release time to focus on other things – particularly our Heritage Project.  So we spent the last 4 months of the year searching for a new Director of Music and Organist.


The search was successful, for which we thank God!  And so this month we welcome to Holy Trinity our new Director of Music and Organist ... David Rice.


David attended Cambridge University where he studied for a BA in Music.  Whilst there he shared organ duties in his college chapel, and for a while he was Director of Music at a nearby parish church.  At the end of his course, David moved on to Tewkesbury Abbey for a year, where he was Organ Scholar ... also playing at Dean Close School.  Then last summer he moved to Birmingham University to study for an MA in Music, with a particular focus on conducting.  Now, whilst still studying for his MA, he comes to us ... and we’re delighted to have him here.  We look forward to a long and fruitful time for our music under his leadership.


Meanwhile – we are immensely thankful to Stella for her time as our Music Co-ordinator, and I hope she understands just how thankful we are for all she has done in the role.  


We also thank the many organists who supported us in Stella’s time.  Whilst Stella is an excellent pianist, she is the first to say she isn’t an organist.  So we have seen many organists over the years.  For the last couple of years, Bernard Salter and Michael Gainford have been foremost amongst those organists.  Both have been immensely supportive during this change, and both will continue to be with us from time to time, and we are grateful that those relationships will continue.


So we give thanks for the music we have enjoyed at Holy Trinity in the past, and we look to the future with anticipation.