Advent with 'the Youth'

It is nearly Advent!


Normally at this time of year the 'youth worker' is busy working all hours of the day in preparation for our annual advent event, run with two other churches, for around 60 children.  But we're giving that a rest this year.  So at the moment, all is quiet on the Western Front! 


However, one feels this may be the calm before the storm.  In the next couple of weeks we are hoping to receive around 1000 paper angels made by the good people of Sutton, all of which will need assembling and stringing together to create a stunning visual display in our church.  I imagine that this task may take a considerable amount of time, energy and patience, so I am enjoying not thinking too much about it for now.


People keep asking if I am busier in the run up to Christmas.  It isn’t actually that bad for me (unlike the Clergy) and it helps that at the older youth group we are not having our Christmas party until 4th February next year.  (No, don’t ask why: it is too long an explanation! - but we ARE going to the Panto this side of Christmas.)  Meanwhile the younger youth club kids are starting to count down to the big day and are happy to do Christmas craft every week.  The atmosphere is increasingly one of excitement and anticipation.


I like Advent.  It has a nice, light and hopeful feel to it and it certainly carries youth events nicely until Christmas and then a break for the two clubs.   So when the angels start massing and we are up against the clock to get them all organised, that Advent spirit will also carry me and the team. 


Susie Walker

Youth Work Coordinator