Church and Trinity Centre

After the success of the Church as a venue for the 'Friends' concerts we have started to receive enquires to hire it for outside concerts and we have already had one booking. The newly re-ordered church certainly makes an excellent venue, with the new kitchen/cafe area available for refreshments. We also hold a 'Knit n Natter' group, in the church, on the second Monday of the month.

The heritage open day was very successful with visitors coming to look at the history and heritage of the church, combined with the modern facilities. They also went over to the Trinity Centre to take part in the activities there, intended for children but enjoyed by all.

The Trinity Centre has also had a slight improvement in bookings, some good one off bookings as well as the regular use by the NHS and various community groups.


On the weekend of 7/8th October we have Harvest 24, it begins on the Saturday at noon and finishes on Sunday at noon (hence Harvest 24) to celebrate harvest festival.  There are study sessions in the afternoon along with activities for children. In the evening we will be moving the chairs and holding a barn dance in the church. Then in the morning we will be holding a big breakfast in the Trinity Centre, followed by the harvest festival in the church. After which we will be celebrating a year since we re-opened the church with a birthday cake.


Colin Ingley