A new term approaches

At this point in the school summer holidays our thoughts are turning more and more to the coming new school year and all that it will bring as groups restart and the church life gets back into its term time routine.


The first engagement of the academic year for our older youth group, CYG, is a trip to Weston Super Mare.  The mini bus is arranged, the seats booked, forms filled in and risk assessments complete.  We can’t organise the weather though so we are hoping for good things.  Neither can we organise the tide to be in at the right time but we are used to that.  I don’t think we have been yet when the tide is due to be in!


Later in September our clubs will restart.  Or at least, I hope they will.  CYG will be fine but JCYG for the younger ones is suffering from a lack of adult leaders, due to illness and the like.  


We have a fabulous team of young leaders at JCYG who do a great job of sorting the kids out but we need some adults who are prepared to come regularly - though it's not necessary to come every week.  It makes it a bit hard to advertise JCYG because if lots of kids come then currently I would have an adult staffing problem.  


So I am hoping and praying that some people will step up and at least explore with me if they think helping at JCYG could be for them.  I guess to a lot of people it sounds a scary thing to do but I think the kids would laugh if they thought adults were scared of them!  Maybe some people will feel brave enough to at least visit us and see what we do.  


Meanwhile I will advertise the club to schools in faith!