A Warden's Life

A Warden's life is very busy and very varied ...  


Last week I was at a meeting planning the worship rotas for the last part of the year including Christmas!  That seems a long way off when we are in the middle of summer, but forward planning is essential when so many people are involved in lots of different way.


The following day involved me, along with John (our Rector) and John (the other warden) - confusing on occasions! - taking a close look at our Quinquennial report.  This a 5 yearly assessment of the state of the Church building and the surrounding land, prepared by our architects.  It points out to us such work as needs to be done to maintain the fabric of the Church. Lots of smaller jobs can be done by our team of willing volunteers but some will need specialist input.


Then on Saturday I was privileged to be warden at two weddings, one of which was for a couple who have been regular members of our congregation for some time.  It was a very joyful time, celebrating the love between two people – and the sun did come out eventually!


Then on Sunday we held our regular 10 a.m. service and I was warden for the two Baptism services that followed.


So as you can tell life is always busy.  Oh yes, and in between all that I was trying to watch Wimbledon!  Enjoy the rest of the summer holidays.