Here comes summer ...


... or at least here come the summer holidays.  Schools and colleges across the country will be breaking up for their long holiday very soon.  Many universities already have.  And so the annual trek to the seaside, or to foreign climes begins.


For many it will be a time of relaxation and happiness.  But not for all.


Some have just taken exams and will be on tenterhooks, unable to relax, while they wait for the results.  Some would rather not spend any more time with their families than they have to, not be dragged off to places they don’t want to be.  Some are from families where a holiday away is only a dream – they can’t afford the cost.


Of course those without children who aren’t limited to taking holidays when the schools are out – they will spend the summer at home, preferring to travel and stay away when the rush has quietened down.  Some have no one to go away with.  And sadly there are some who are simply well enough, physically or mentally, to go away.


So whatever you will be this summer, I hope you’ll find something to enjoy in there.  Me ... I’ll be around all summer, hoping life will be a little quieter with so many people away.  And dreaming of this Cornish beach!