The Great Midlands Fun Run 2017

Over the last few weeks we may have noticed people of all ages running or sometimes walking in a very determined way around the streets of Sutton Coldfield. Just as the first snowdrops herald the approach of Spring so do the first street runners and walkers herald the coming of the Great Midlands Fun Run.


We may well wonder why they are running or walking, after all from the expressions on some of their faces it cannot just be for fun. They are running with the aim of raising money for charities and voluntary organisations.  As a direct result of their efforts the runners will improve the quality of life for those who live with physical, learning or emotional disabilities.  Some of the Charities that will benefit include Cancer Research, Acorns Children’s Hospice and the John Taylor Hospice – organisations that demonstrate great care and compassion for those who are ill or dying.


The Great Midlands Fun Run is a wonderful example of how a community comes together to demonstrate its great compassion for those who are ill or disabled. We should all encourage all those who take part, and perhaps to think about taking part next year.   


As Christians we know that the Gospel story is essentially telling of the great compassion that Jesus had for humanity; the compassion of Jesus shines like a beacon through the Gospel story. As Christians we are to follow his example by visiting the sick and bereaved. As Christians we are help to change lives through our support of various local Charities. Visiting and raising money are at times not very easy things to do, but they are the visible expressions of our Christian compassion for our local community.


Paul Duckers